A factoring company dedicated to transparent pricing.

A factoring company with transparent terms and pricing. Integrity Factoring truly believes in providing complete pricing transparency to their clients. That’s why we offer month-to-month contracts, no termination fees, no minimums, and a competitive factoring rate without any of the hidden fees of other companies.

An example of a hidden fee that increases your rate is a $10 direct deposit fee.  On a $1,000 invoice, that fee alone increases your factoring rate by 1% each and every time you factor.

For a business working with a factoring company, there is nothing worse than finding out that your great factoring rate is not so great once you tally up the hidden costs. Everything from per-invoice processing fees to ACH fees, some factoring companies work hard to convince you that you are getting a great rate, while nickel-and-diming you in any way possible. And, for those business owners savvy enough to notice these extra fees, there is the long-term contract to and minimum volumes to keep you paying them.

When you choose Integrity Factoring as your invoice factoring company, you get up-front, transparent pricing so you always know what your costs will be before you factor an invoice.

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What is Factoring?

The process of working with a factoring company, explained in 5 easy steps.

A factoring company that helps make you bankable.

An invoice factoring company that makes you bankableWhen most businesses look for funding, the first place they usually think to try is a bank. However, due to the capital and equity requirements of most banks, many startup and established businesses are not able to obtain bank funding.

For those businesses, a factoring company like Integrity Factoring can not only provide funding in the near term, but can help a business build the capital, payment history, and cash flow to allow them to secure a bank loan or line of credit in the future. 

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