Construction Factoring

Invoice Factoring solutions designed to maximize your productivity and help you build your business.

Partner With a Factoring Company With a Solid Foundation

Building a business means partnering with companies who are able to assist you in reaching your growth potential. Whether you are looking for suppliers, contractors, potential customers, or business services, it is essential that you know how they can help your business grow and succeed. Your factoring company should be no exception. Integrity Factoring’s invoice factoring service not only allows you to get paid for completed projects weeks or months before your normal payment terms, but also allows you to bid on larger projects that would normally be a challenge to cash flow.

Build Your Company Without Fear of Slow-Paying Customers

Invoice factoring is designed to help companies maintain a strong cash flow regardless of how slowly their customers pay. Instead of waiting 30 or 60 days to get paid for completed work, factoring allows a construction firm to get paid in just days. This allows a construction company to take on large projects with great customers without straining their cash flow. Our construction factoring allows clients to take work based on their ability to complete it, without worrying about how they are going to pay for it.

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Construction Factoring that Understands Construction

Construction FactoringSome factoring companies lack the knowledge and expertise to be effective at invoicing in the construction industry. Inspections, progress billing, and 60 day invoicing terms are all common in construction, but can hamper an inexperienced factoring company. With all of the challenges a contractor faces, the last thing they want is to is entrust their billing and collections to a factoring company that doesn’t understand how their industry works. Integrity Factoring not only has decades of combined experience factoring construction clients, our staff includes people with decades of experience working in the construction industry, providing expertise most factors don’t have.

Construction Factoring at an Honest Price

Integrity Factoring is dedicated to providing a transparent fee and pricing structure. We believe it is good business to show a company up-front what their factoring costs are going to be, with no hidden fees or “gotchas” secretly making factoring more expensive. At Integrity, we believe factoring is a tool for business growth, so we don’t weigh down our clients with long, lock-in terms and expensive fees. That’s what it means to factor with Integrity.

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