Commonly Asked Questions About Factoring

What is Factoring?
What Is A Factoring Company?
Why Would a Company Sell its Accounts Receivables?
Is Factoring a Type of Loan?
Would a Bank Loan Make More Sense Than Factoring?
What Do You Consider When Quoting Factoring Rates?
Can I Just Fax Or Email My Accounts Receivables To Get Paid?
How Do I Get Paid?
Is There A Way To Check My Invoices?
Does Integrity Factoring Collateralize Our Accounts Receivables?
How Does Integrity Factoring Notify My Customers Of The Factoring Arrangement?
Do We Have To Factor All Of Our Accounts Receivables?
What If I Want To Stop Factoring?
Do You Hold Part Of My Money In Reserve Escrow?
What If An Invoice Is Not Paid?