Why choose Integrity for Invoice Factoring?

You've done the work. Now get paid for it.

Regardless of your industry, securing a stable cash flow is the most important first step in your success. As an invoice factoring company, Integrity Factoring will purchase invoices for work you have already done, allowing you to immediately unlock that cash.

How Invoice Factoring Works.

Invoice factoring continues to be one of the simplest and most reliable sources of business funding. The process to get funded through an invoice factoring company is much more straightforward than other traditional avenues such as bank loans or lines of credit. In fact, a business can start factoring invoices in as little as a few days.

Choose Which Invoices to Factor
You can choose to factor any or all of your outstanding invoices, and add new ones as you complete the work.


Send Your Invoices for Approval
You can fax, scan, email, or upload a digital copy of your invoices to us for approval. We don’t require originals unless your customers require them for payment.


The Approval Process Begins
Once we have your invoices to factor, we work quickly to get them approved. For first-time customers, this includes verification done by our in-house underwriters.


Invoices are Reviewed
We check your invoices for mistakes and common issues that would stop or slow you down from getting paid.


Invoices Verified with Customers
Your customers are contacted to verify the validity of the invoice receipt and the amounts owed.


Customers Informed of Factoring
Once your invoices are verified by your customers, we send them a Notice of Assignment informing them that the invoices are being factored.


Client Chooses How to be Paid
We offer free next-day ACH deposits or a same-day wire for an additional fee.


Icon of blue hand clutching a pair of dollar bills
Advance Paid to Client
Clients are then advanced between 80% and 95% of the value of the invoice. Payments are usually made within 24 hours of invoice approval.


Icon of blue dollar bills
Rebate Paid to Client
Once we are paid in full for your invoice, we pay the remaining value of your invoice to you, minus our small fee.


Invoice Factoring helps stabilize cash flow.

More Than Just Invoice Factoring.

When you partner with Integrity Factoring for invoice factoring, our primary mission is to get you funded quickly and reliably. However, we know that as an invoice factoring company your success is our success, and so we also provide a while host of back-office services for you at no additional charge, giving you the expert help you need to run your company more efficiently.

Icon of white paper with check mark
Invoice Review
We will go through your invoices carefully to ensure that they are free of mistakes and errors that would adversely affect your ability to get paid.


Icon of white money falling into open hand.
Professional Collection Services
As an invoice factoring company, we are experts at collections and are able to secure payment on invoices faster than most companies can do for themselves.


Icon of white computer screen with magnifying glass
Customer Credit Screening
We will screen the credit of potential customers to help ensure that you never work with someone who doesn’t pay again.


Icon of white paper with Dollar Sign
Payment Processing Service
We will process payment on your invoices for you for no extra charge, saving you both time and manpower.


Invoice Factoring to Serve You

We are a factoring company founded on a philosophy of service. While some invoice factoring companies have giant call centers to handle their clients, when you partner with Integrity Factoring you are given a personal account manager. Your account manager will get to know you and your business to help find a factoring solution that fits your personal situation.

Account Setup
Your Account Manager will setup your account with us and explain our system and how to use it, ensuring you get the help you need.


Icon of blue tutor pointing at board
Personal Walkthrough
Once you are settled, your Account Manager will personally walk you through the invoice factoring process and answer any questions you have regarding our business.


Open Line Anytime
If you ever need anything, you can always contact your Account Manager to receive excellent and personalized service. No call centers, no random operators, no generic helpline.


Icon of blue stack of cash
Get Paid Quickly
Your Account Manager will vet invoices, run collections, and ensure that you are always paid quickly and on time.


An Invoice Factoring company dedicated to your growth.

Invoice Factoring that Fits You

We know that every business is unique. As such, we know that each invoice factoring solution must be unique as well. We are committed to providing a flexible factoring solution that not only works for your business today, but remains relevant as you grow.

In-Depth Analysis
More than just checking boxes, we take a careful look at your business to understand your personal situation and how we can best serve you.


Personalized Factoring Solution
Our invoice factoring solutions are determined by our broad expertise coupled with insights gained about where your business is – not a computer algorithm.


Flexible Funding Terms
Terms are industry and business specific, allowing us to tailor them to meet your needs.
Funding That Grows With You
When you factor, you are getting a funding solution that scales as you grow, without renegotiation or a new contract.

Ready To Talk?

If you are ready to work with an invoice factoring company dedicated to earning and keeping your business, or have some additional questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.