Oil and Gas Factoring

Flexible factoring solutions for welders, water haulers, drillers, and all businesses servicing the oil & gas industry.

Your Factoring Partner in the Oil Patch

In the cyclical oil and gas industry, it helps to have a stable financial partner like Integrity Factoring. With years of experience working in the oil patch with clients covering all aspects of drilling and recovery, we are not only comfortable navigating the ins and outs of the oil and gas industry, we are experienced in serving our clients in any business environment. Whether you are a seasoned oilfield professional or a new company looking to establish a solid foundation, Integrity Factoring has the expertise to help you succeed.

Oil and Gas Factoring is Cash Flow Without Debt

Anyone who has been in the oilfield for very long knows that supply and demand swings can wreak havoc on your business. The last thing a company wants to do is leverage themselves too far into debt right before the bottom falls out of the market. That’s where factoring comes in. Invoice factoring is not debt, so it allows a company to obtain the cash flow required to take advantage of growth opportunities in a bull market, while not saddling a company with debt or equity dilution that could cause problems in a bear market.

Debt-Free Cash Flow is Not the Only Great Thing About Factoring. Click Here to Read About Other Benefits.

We Understand the Nuances of the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas FactoringMany factoring companies lack the experience to understand the oil and gas business. When you factor, you want to be able to focus on growing your business, not coaching up your factoring company. Does your factoring company understand that longer payment terms are common in the oilfield? Do they have experience working in Omni or Open Invoice? Can they tell you the difference between production water and fresh water, or Permian and Eagle Ford Shale? If the answer to any of these questions is no, perhaps you should be looking for another factoring company.

Business Growth Can Be Unpredictable. Count on Integrity Factoring to Help.

As any experienced oilfield services company can tell you, swings in market supply and demand can wreak havoc on your company’s growth. That makes it even more critical that your company is able to take advantage of opportunities for growth when they are presented. In those moments, having a stable financial partner like Integrity Factoring can make all of the difference. When you partner with us to factor your accounts receivable, you can have confidence that your business will be able to answer when opportunity knocks.

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