Telecom Factoring

Highly competitive cash flow solutions for the highly competitive telecommunications industry.

Innovation Begets Growth

With recent innovations in data transmission, the ever increasing adoption of LTE standards, the rapid growth of VoLTE, the impending transition to 5G technologies, and opportunities afforded by newly released spectrum, the telecommunications industry is poised for significant growth in the near future. Each new innovation will require more fiber to be laid, and older infrastructure to be updated. All of this new growth potential represents a significant opportunity for companies dedicated to servicing the telecommunications industry.

Factoring is a Highly Competitive Funding Solution

If you have been in the telecommunications business for more than a day, you know how highly competitive it is. And, while huge infrastructure growth and upgrades can mean business growth, it also means that traditionally cash-strapped telecom companies are investing huge amounts of capital into these projects, oftentimes at the expense of shorter payment terms.

Companies struggling to cash flow through long payment terms can be greatly helped by factoring, or accounts receivable financing. When you factor your accounts receivable, you are able to get paid for work you have completed in days, not weeks. This in turn allows you to pay your subs on time, invest in better equipment, or expand your crews. When you know you can reliably be paid for your invoices weeks before they are due, your company can take on as much work as it wants, without having to worry about cash flow.

Factoring is a Great Alternative to Traditional Financing. Click Here to Read About How Factoring Stacks Up to Bank Loans.

Take Advantage of Opportunities When They Come

Telecom fiber optic cableSince factoring is a funding solution that relies on your company’s ability to complete work, not your equity or years in business, companies are much more free to take advantage of new contracts without fear of a cash-flow crunch. Instead of your company screeching to a halt when taking on work from a slow paying customer, you can have confidence in knowing that Integrity Factoring will quickly turn those invoices into cash, giving you the liquidity needed to grow when the opportunity arises.

Partner With a Factoring Company That Reflects Your Values

When you partner with Integrity Factoring, you are working with a company that truly considers you a partner. Our contract terms are month-to-month, because we believe that the best way to keep business is to do a great job for our clients, not lock them into a 6-month or year term. Our fee structure is transparent and up-front, not filled with hidden fees and “gotcha’s”, because we believe that the best business relationships are built on the basis of mutual trust. Integrity is not just the name of our company, it’s also the way we do business.

Integrity Factoring is Dedicated to Making Your Factoring Experience Great. This Is Who We Are.

Get Set Up For Factoring With Minimal Hassle

In addition to being a convenient, flexible source of business funding, factoring is also relatively simple to set up. And, unlike a bank loan or line of credit, factoring doesn’t require a long or stellar credit history in order to be approved. Our simple application and underwriting process means that it takes days, not months, to get set up to factor.  And, since factoring is designed to be as flexible as possible, you will have access to a factoring program that automatically grows as you grow, without any need to renegotiate terms or sign another agreement.

Competitive Funding Solution. Simple, Transparent Terms. Get Started Now.