A factoring company dedicated to transparent pricing.

A factoring company with transparent terms and pricing. Integrity Factoring truly believes in providing complete pricing transparency to their clients. That’s why we offer month-to-month contracts, no termination fees, no minimums, and a competitive factoring rate without any of the hidden fees of other companies.

An example of a hidden fee that increases your rate is a $10 direct deposit fee.  On a $1,000 invoice, that fee alone increases your factoring rate by 1% each and every time you factor.

For a business working with a factoring company, there is nothing worse than finding out that your great factoring rate is not so great once you tally up the hidden costs. Everything from per-invoice processing fees to ACH fees, some factoring companies work hard to convince you that you are getting a great rate, while nickel-and-diming you in any way possible. And, for those business owners savvy enough to notice these extra fees, there is the long-term contract to and minimum volumes to keep you paying them.

When you choose Integrity Factoring as your invoice factoring company, you get up-front, transparent pricing so you always know what your costs will be before you factor an invoice.

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What is Factoring?

The process of working with a factoring company, explained in 5 easy steps.

A factoring company that builds relationships.

invoice factoring company that builds relationshipsA factoring company like Integrity Factoring is not just a faceless business service provider. When we take you on as an invoice factoring client, we aren’t just completing an impersonal business transaction. We are investing in you, in your company, in your vision – all to help you be as successful as you can be. We get to know you, your businesses, and your customers well. We care about your success, because we never forget who keeps us in business.

Rely on Integrity Factoring’s decades of business and factoring experience to help your business establish a firm foundation, or to build on that foundation. Partner with a factoring company who sees your business as more than an account number.  

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